Protecting the environment
is one of our missions

The Group has always been committed to real actions to care for our planet. Our establishments are designed with a sustainable footprint and many of the innovations that have been implemented over time were driven by green and environmentally sustainable choices.


Sustainable ingredients and products

Local ingredients

Laqua Countryside in Ticciano, with its 1,000-square-meter private vegetable garden, is a benchmark example of eco-sustainability in our Group. It is where the vegetables and ingredients used to prepare the starred restaurant’s dishes are grown. Only rainwater is used for irrigation to cut waste. Laqua Vineyard’s cuisine also uses local ingredients, embracing the pesticide- and chemical-free philosophy of Borgo di Casanova.

Vegan products

Vegan Easter cake was the artisan pastry lab’s first vegan product. Then came Christmas cakes, cookies, chocolate bars, and spreads with no animal ingredients.


Our actions for the environment


Our establishments are increasingly focused on the use of alternative materials to plastic. Villa Crespi is almost totally plastic-free, preferring glass and paper, as does Laqua Vineyard, where only biodegradable materials are used. 

No waste

Our venues embrace an environmentally sustainable vision. Laqua by the Lake, for instance, uses a hybrid heat pump generator system to harness groundwater from the lake and powers electricity generation. There is also a rainwater and groundwater collection network for irrigating the park. At Laqua Countryside, on the other hand, a heat pump system paired with insulating cladding to minimize energy loss is used for ambient heating. Finally, Laqua Vineyard is powered by a state-of-the-art geothermal system. 

We plant trees for the environment

An important partnership with Green Future Project has allowed us to help the environment in practice. We plant one tree for every order placed on our Online Shop to protect the forests and offset tons of Co2.

Clean energy in our Pastry Lab

Another project in the pipeline concerns the artisan pastry lab in Suno. The building roof will be covered with solar panels to produce clean energy.

Eco-friendly touring

Laqua by the Lake offers several experiences to explore the area on e-bikes and electric boats to guests. You will find EVs and charging stations in the private parking lot.

A Group, A Family...

Cannavacciuolo group


5 venues, from Villa Crespi to Laqua Collection, set in picturesque locations and surrounded by nature.

Brand del Cannavacciuolo Group


Joining the Cannavacciuolo Group means always feeling part of a winning team.

Our history

The Group was founded in 1999, and wrote its history through new projects, challenges and unimaginable goals.


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