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A family of more than 250 people
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Being true to oneself, respectful, committed, energetic, and – above all – enthusiastic are the keys to success that have driven the creation and growth of the Cannavacciuolo Group.



Back in 1999, after years of apprenticeship in Italian restaurant brigades and experience abroad, Antonino Cannavacciuolo landed at Villa Crespi on Lake Orta (Novara).

He took on the challenge with his to-be wife Cinzia Primatesta by his side. Restoring the Moorish-style Villa Crespi to its former glory and turning it into the luxury relais and Michelin-starred restaurant we know today was no easy feat. 

2004 - 2007

Villa Crespi received the first of many awards within a few years of opening. In 2004, Antonino Cannavacciuolo’s signature restaurant won 1 Michelin Star, an achievement that lit the fire to go even higher, and the chef’s kitchen was awarded its second coveted Michelin star in 2007.




This was the year that definitively established Antonino Cannavacciuolo and Cinzia Primatesta as successful entrepreneurs. They opened Laqua Charme & Boutique, now Laqua by the Sea, in Meta di Sorrento. The resort is dedicated to wellness and has six rooms overlooking the stunning Gulf of Sorrento. 

Also in 2012, boosted by Michelin-star success, Villa Crespi joined the Relais & Chateaux family, an international association of boutique hotels and luxury restaurants.

2015 - 2017

The expansion of the Group continued into the world of luxury hospitality and catering in parallel with Antonino’s success on television. 2015 was the year of the grand opening of the first Cannavacciuolo Café & Bistrot, on the site of the time-honored bar of Coccia Theater in Novara. The second Cannavacciuolo Bistrot was opened two years later, in 2017, this time in the historic center of Turin, just a short stroll from the Gran Madre Church.



2018 - 2019

In 2018, the Relais & Chateaux Villa Crespi was awarded a 5-Star Luxury rating, while the two Bistros in Novara and Turin received their first Michelin Stars, respectively. The Group Headquarters, now based in Borgomanero, were established in the same year, and house the offices of the HR, Marketing, Administration, Accounting and Purchasing departments. 

A new format was created the following year when Antonino Il Banco, an innovative takeaway service venue drawing inspiration from the Neapolitan street food tradition, was opened in the Vicolungo The Style Outlets village.

Again in 2019, the Cannavacciuolo artisan pastry lab in Suno (NO) for haute patisserie creations was opened, and the official e-store was established for satisfying demand.


In 2021, Laqua Collection of Resorts was opened, and this expanded the Group even further. Three new faces of the same one big family became a reality: Laqua by the Lake on the shores of Lake Orta, Laqua by the Sea (formerly Laqua Charme & Boutique) overlooking the Gulf of Sorrento, and Laqua Countryside in Ticciano near Naples, with Cannavacciuolo’s signature restaurant that was awarded 1 Michelin Star just a few months after opening.



2022 - 2024

A year later, to make the family even larger, Laqua Vineyard arrives, born in the Tuscan hills of the intimate village of Casanova, to pay homage to the union of gourmet cuisine and the excellence of good local wine. Just five months after its opening, the Cannavacciuolo restaurant inside the resort receives its first Michelin star for the 2023 Guide.

The awards ceremony reserves another surprise: Villa Crespi receives the third star, dreamed of and deserved; an unforgettable achievement, which tells of an impeccable staff and many years of sacrifices.

2023 also sees the expansion of the Group, with the opening of Antonino’s third store, Banco di Cannavacciuolo in Milan Malpensa, while in 2024 the fourth opens at Naples Capodichino airport.

In the same year, the 5-star Hotel Le Cattedrali di Laqua Collection was born, the last home of the collection, among the woods of Monferrato.

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5 venues, from Villa Crespi to Laqua Collection, set in picturesque locations and surrounded by nature.

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Joining the Cannavacciuolo Group means always feeling part of a winning team.


The sustainability is a core value of the Group, which wants to give a green footprint to all its projects.


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